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Finesse Savvy debuted in 2002 based on the principles of disseminating the essence of Eastern and Western values in cultivating etiquette, image, communication and cultural intelligence. We customize our refinement training and coaching programs to help you be a better version of yourself.

The founder, Foo Lai Nee, is passionate about cultivating civility in society. She learned how good behavior is universally appreciated regardless of people's origins. Through volunteering in foreign countries and her extensive solo globe-trotting experiences in more than seventy countries across six continents, she developed a fond interest in connecting with people through fostering better inter-personal relationship.

Ms. Foo is dedicated in helping discerning individuals to level up inside out through enhancing effective personal and professional developments. She coaches C suite executives, socialites, PR personalities, companies and organizations  to achieve extraordinary impact in terms of civility, verbal and non-verbal communication, self presentation and impression management.

Ms. Foo devotes great enthusiasm in polishing people to exude poise, presence and power.  She has since opened the door to C Suites, in-houses and individuals for private coaching and public training locally and overseas.


Ms. Foo is a retired Flight Attendant who has served twenty years with an internationally-renowned airlines. Academically, she holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Paris Graduate School of Management, France.

Ms. Foo has multifarious exposure globally, thus she is perceptive in addressing issues in cultural diversities, etiquette, protocol, image, communication, customer service, hospitality finesse, PR communications, spokesperson's media relations, and crisis communication. She is able to adopt a training formula that is interactive and fun, with an emphasis on recognizing the delicate nuances involved in meeting the challenges of global work and social environment.

Professional Experiences:

Ms. Foo is an accredited HRDF Trainer (Human Resource Development Fund) by Ministry of Human Resources (Malaysia), also a multi-lingual professional translator certified by ITBM (Malaysia Texts & Books Institution) - she was employed as Chief Interpreter for a Fortune Global 500 Company in China, and as Corporate Communications Manager for a property developer in Malaysia. She is an astute strategic communicator and a PR extraordinaire.

Professional Credentials:

Ms. Foo is professionally trained and certified from various prominent authorities, part of them are as follow:

i)  Train-The-Trainer Certification in Women Issues & Cultural Diversities (USA),
ii) Train-The-Trainer Certification in Protocol & Event Management for United States Military & Government (USA),
iii) numerous Etiquette Consultant Certification (USA and China), Image Consultant Certification (USA and South Africa),
iv) NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner Certification (USA and UK), and
v) Taiwanese Gourmet Culinary Skills Training in Shi Chien University (Taiwan).

In Malaysia, Ms. Foo received training in proper protocol and the correct form of addresses. She had the chance to put it to use when she served as Liaison Officer for the premier Perdana Global Peace Forum 2005, an NGO (Non Governmental Organization) event, where protocol issues were observed firsthand. Ms. Foo constantly hones her skills through attending local and international conferences and has written articles for magazines and newspapers.

Interestingly, she is a certified matchmaker trained by Matchmaking Institute in New York.

English Teaching Experiences:

Ms Foo was trained and certified by American TESOL Institute to teach English to speakers of other languages. She was also given the assignment to evaluate the TESOL teacher trainees in their classroom practical assessment. Ms. Foo also further enhanced her skill through attending the training and certification by University of Cambridge (UK) CELTA, the world renowned credential for English Language Teaching to Adults. She has had the opportunities to live and teach English in Chile, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia.

Ms. Foo participated in the English Opens Doors Program (EODP) where she spent 4 months teaching English while learning Spanish in Chile - a collaboration between Chilean Ministry of Education and UNDP (United Nations Development Program).  She was appointed as the pioneer EODP official Ambassador to help promote this initiative.

International Office Bearers:

In the formative years, Ms. Foo then held offices as advisors in

i) Professional Woman Network (PWN) USA, and
ii) Women E-Commerce Association International (WECAI) USA.

In the early 2000s, she was a Member of Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) and attended its Annual Conference in White Plains, New York 2003.

Cultural Intelligence:

Ms. Foo is uniquely knowledgeable because of her affection in immersing herself culturally.  Her personal interest in seeking commonality in human races has gained her valuable up-close and personal insights in understanding cross-cultural nuances.

She has also experimented the residential Vipassana Meditation to understand Indian's most ancient techniques of meditation, as well as to experience this non-religious reality of mind and matter within herself.

Hailing from the State of Kelantan in Peninsula Malaysia where 97% of its population are of Malay ethnicity, Ms. Foo speaks fluent Malay Language and Kelantanese dialect besides Chinese (Mandarin, Hainanese, Fujian, Cantonese) and English; while Spanish has grown on her ever since she started living and embracing the cultures in South America.

On a personal note...

Ms. Foo is passionate about exploring food from roadside to fine dining worldwide. She also has a keen interest in attending cooking classes as a way to explore the local food cultures.

Up Close & Personal:

Ms. Foo is inviting you to take a glimpse at her leisure channel
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秉着结合中西合璧理念,传播礼仪文化素质,培养礼仪、形象、沟通和文化智慧的原则,博雅国际礼仪专才于2002年首推, 为您专制各项完善的提升培训及辅导咨询以帮助您成为更好的自己

创始人符来妮热衷于冶社会文明。她理悟了各界人士无论背景来自何处,待人接物彬彬有礼的行为是举世赏识的。 走遍了天涯海角, 凭借她在国外当志工的生活并其广泛的独自环球旅游于六大洲七十多个国家的经验,她善爱以培养更好的人际关系来与人沟通。

符老师致力于帮助值识个体及群体从内而外提升有效的个人素质与与职业发展, 指导企业高管、社交名流、公关网红、商家集团于礼仪、言谈及肢体语言沟通、自我展示和印象管理方面以取得非凡的影响。



符老师是名退伍空姐,曾在一家国际知名的航空公司值勤了二十年。在学术上,她持有法国巴黎管理研究生院的工商管理硕士学位 (MBA)





i)  赴美国受训女性课题与文化多样性培训师认证
ii) 赴美国受训美国军政府礼节与事态管理培训师认证
v)   赴台湾受训台湾美食创意烹饪认证于实践大学








i) 美国职业女性协会,及



符老师热爱文化沉浸感,她对于国际文化的细腻具有独到的见解。符老师嗜爱探索以寻求人类共同点 - 和和文化、求同存异、体谅包容,使之在理解跨文化的细微差别方面,取得宝贵的密切接触从而深入了解。


来自马来同胞占有百分之九十七比率的马来西亚半岛的吉兰丹州,符老师口操流利的马来语和吉兰丹方言。 此外,她在中文(普通话,海南话,福建话,广东话)和英文方面都有本土的流利程度;而自从她开始旅居南美洲后,逐渐地也喜爱了拉汀文化及西班牙语。


符小姐热衷于探索各界美食, 她热爱参与烹饪课程,探索当国饮食文化而自身也喜爱下厨。





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